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Opening Files:

vxe has a very special file open dialog. It's not only graphically much pleasing than the one in Motif, it also provides many more features. The directory tree makes jumping to a new folder faster. Path can also be typed directly into the path selection text field. An very useful feature for this path selection field is it resolves wild carded path fields and directory entries with extension filter. The most important enhancement over Motif's standard file selection box is that the user can select multiple files at the same time.

Three new widgets from my library libXwol are used in this file selection dialog: the comboobx widget, the column list widget and the tree widget. The column list widget combines the functionality of a list and that of a table. Each item in the column list holds columnized text data . Each item can also be assigned a pixmap which will be drawn in the first column. The tree widget offers a standard way to render hierarchical data.