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Chuguang (Truman) He

Tel: 972-208-6025(h), E-mail: URL:


7 years software development experience in UNIX, LINUX and Windows environments using a variety of languages, libraries and tools. 4 years extensive telecomm, datacomm OAM&P (CLI/TL1/SNMP/EMS) development experiences. Two years experience as Team Lead of various software projects. Familiarity and exposure to all aspects of the software development life cycle both as a developer and as a Team Lead.


Languages: C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, and FORTRAN.
Scripting Languages: UNIX csh/bsh/awk/sed, perl, JavaScript, php.
Libraries: X Window/Motif, XRT, OpenGL, AWT, Swing, and MFC.
Databases: Oracle, MySql, and PL/SQL.
Software Tools: GCC, UIMX, cvs, perforce, RapidLogic, Emanate, and Visual Studio
Object Oriented Design: UML, Rational Rose.
XML Technologies: XML, DTD, XSL,.XSLT, DOM
Telecomm protocols: SS7 (ISUP, TCAP, SCCP) and GSM.
Datacomm protocols: BGP4, OSPF, RSVP, and MPLS.
Operating Systems: Solaris, IRIX AIX, VAX and Windows (95/98/2000/NT).
Certificates: Sun Microsystems certified system administrator for Solaris 2.6


Technical Staff, Mahi Networks - Richardson 05/01 – 05/02

SONET OAM&P, SNMP/CLI applications:

EMS Embedded web applications:

Sr. Programmer Analyst, INET Technologies 05/98 – 05/01

SS7 and SNMP applications:

GUI applications:

C/C++ Programmer, Texas Tech Univ. 05/95 – 05/98

Microsoft Visual C++/MFC application:

X Window/Motif/OpenGL application:

Open Source GPL X Window/Motif applications. Since 96