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Vxe(Visual XEditor):

When I first started working on the Unix platform, I was frustrated by its lack of a good graphical text editor. Vi is many command line guru's pet, unfortunately I never became fond of it. I did find some graphical editors from the web such as xemacs, xcoral, nedit. Sun also has it's own text editor. Each one has its strength and weakness. Not satisfied with what I find available, I started the vxe project in 1999.

Vxe is a text editing enviroment for C/C++ developed with my Xwol library which was started back in 1995. The list Vxe of features include: dockable toolbar, multiple child windows, tooltips, regular expression searching and replacing, advanced global text searching, integarted compiling and making functionality etc. The most important one is it has a built-in class parser which is used to browse all the classes and objects in all open files.

Vxe is released under GPL. The source code is free and you are very welcom to distribute it. You are also welcome to send me eamil to report bugs or discuss any questions or suggestions you may have about vxe. With your help we could make vxe one of the best developing tool for C/C++ engineers in UNIX, LINUX enviroments.

I am currently looking for a job. I have been working in the telecomm/datacomm industry for 4 years with extensive C/C++ development experiences on various projects including (SS7 protocols, SS7 call tracing/monitoring, ip routing, SONET OAM&P, SNMP/CLI/EMS, embedded web sever). I also have extensive scientific programming and three dimensional graphics simulation academic experience. My resume is here